Your Mobile Detective:

Instant Investigations on the Go

Meet our Chat Interface, your mobile detective, accessible anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days of being tied to a desk for investigations. With our chat-based platform, your team gains the freedom to conduct investigations directly from their mobile devices, ensuring real-time action and resolution. Get instant access to video footage, collaborate with team members, and address operational issues directly from the warehouse floor, all with the power of a few taps.

Ask questions like:

  • Please show me footage of order #200354 being picked and packed.
  • Show me all orders picked at 2:30 PM yesterday.
  • Show me the video of the bin replenishment for SKU #7890.
  • How many customer complaints this week were justified?

Get Investigating with Mobile Ease

Real-Time Investigation Support

The Chat Interface acts as your on-demand investigative assistant, providing instant access to video footage and insights. Simply message the system, and it will quickly deliver the relevant visual evidence directly to your chat.

Mobile Convenience

Embrace the power of mobility with our Chat Interface. Whether you’re on the warehouse floor, in a meeting, or off-site, you can effortlessly stay connected and take immediate action.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

The Chat Interface encourages seamless collaboration among team members. Share video evidence, discuss incidents, and collectively resolve issues in real-time.

Get Investigating with Mobile Ease

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