Unravel the Truth:

Swift Investigations with our Web Interface

The web interface empowers your team to conduct seamless and comprehensive investigations into complaints, errors, and disputes. Say goodbye to hours wasted sifting through surveillance footage – Flymingo brings clarity to chaos, providing instant access to the exact video footage you need. With an easy-to-use interface, your team can efficiently pinpoint the root cause of any incident, leading to faster resolutions, reduced downtime, and improved operational efficiency.

Unlock the Power of Investigations

Intuitive Investigation Tools

Our Web Interface offers an array of intuitive tools, allowing your team to navigate and analyze video footage with ease. With simple controls and clear visual indicators, you can efficiently trace the steps of any action, providing valuable insights into every operational incident.

Seamless Video Playback

Our platform offers ultra-fast video playback, so you can instantly access relevant footage. Navigate through the video timeline and compare actions side by side, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the incident at hand.

Action Tracking and Reporting

 Easily track and document each step of an incident investigation. Our Web Interface generates detailed reports, capturing key timestamps and actions, providing valuable documentation for future reference or dispute resolution.

Unlock the Power of Investigations

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