Visual Intelligence:

When Data Meets Context in Warehouse Operations

Harness video footage for swift investigations, real-time alerts, and prevention of supply chain mistakes.
A holistic approach to warehouse efficiency that bridges the gap between data and reality.

With Flymingo

Proactive Mistake Prevention

Proactive Errors Prevention

Get ahead of operational issues with real-time alerts, reducing investigation time and resources significantly
Reduced False Claims

Reduced False Claims

Arm yourself with visual evidence to settle disputes and end unnecessary returns or overpays, improving your bottom line

Empowered Management

With instant access to visual data and insights, managers can effectively solve problems on-site and implement strategic improvements
Resource Optimization

Resource Optimization

Real-time alerts and insights allow for better manpower allocation, equipment utilization, and space management, leading to overall cost savings.

Process Compliance

Real-time visual evidence can help enforce safety standards and other regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties

Enhanced Training

The video data captured by the tool allows for targeted staff training, improving proficiency and reducing the chance of repetitive mistakes

Computer Vision & Ai

For Logistics Centers

Flymingo seamlessly integrates with existing camera infrastructure, WMS, and other systems, providing unparalleled visual context for warehouse activities. Whether investigating incidents, monitoring productivity, or preventing mistakes, Flymingo handles it all.



Unravel the Truth

An easy-to-use interface allows for a seamless and comprehensive investigation of complaints, errors, and disputesת bringing clarity to chaos.


Your Mobile Detective

Access investigation capabilities anywhere, anytime with our easy-to-use chat interface.


No Mistake Goes Unnoticed

Get real-time automated alerts on picking errors as they occur, empowering on-site managers to act before they snowball.


Prioritize Safety

Get immediate alerts about safety incidents, keeping your operations safe and compliant.


Intelligent Operations Management

Leverage BI to uncover inefficiencies, track KPIs, and monitor staff performance and utilization – all backed by visuals. With real-time data analysis, you can swiftly identify issues, implement corrective actions, and continually improve your operations.

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